The Modular Lamp Base Automatic Assembly Machine

The Modular Lamp Base Automatic Assembly Machine

The Modular Lamp Base Automatic Assembly Machine

The modular systems of the lamp base automatic machines are designed as single-purpose machines with built-in program and a continuous flow of a workpiece. During an uninterrupted technological process a lamp, base is connected to a centring contact by means of glass matrix – vitreous material being melted into the molten state in a furnace being a part of the machine.

A modular design of the equipment makes it possible to deliver the equipment in various modifications meeting the customers´ requirements. It is possible to assemble bayonet caps and screw caps by means of the tool exchange in the assortment of:

  • BA 9s BA 15s bayonet caps respectively
  • E10, E14/20, E14/25x17, E27/27, E 26 screw caps respectively

The cap is non-disassemble part of base casing, base contact and glass.

The equipment is designed for the processing of brass, aluminium, iron, stainless steel bases and so forth.

The equipment consists of the following units:

  • base casing feeder
  • base air conveyer
  • contact vibratory feeder
  • rotor
  • melting furnace
  • control box

Throughput of respective equipment

Base type Equipment type Throughput pcs/hr
BA 15s MAM 004 AA to 24.000
BA 9s MAM 005 AA to 26.000
E 14 MAM 008 AA to 24.000
E 27 /E26/ MAM 009 AA to 18.000


Melting furnace capacity up to 60 kgs of glass/hr
Electric energy 3+N, 50 Hz, 380 V
Input 3 kVA
Operation 2 operators
Lighting gas – heating value 15,909 k/Nm3
Natural gas – heating value 33,494 kJ/Nm3
Overal air input:
160 Nm3/hr, 12 kPa
- casing feeding 200 Nm3/hr, 40 kPa
- cleaning 60 Nm3/hr, 0.6 Mpa
cooling water 200 I/hr
Floor space with magazines 1875 x 3700 mm
Height up to a furnace cowl 2950 mm
Overall weight appr. 5.000 kgs
Natural gas input 14 Nm3/hr, 1,75 kPa
Lighting gas input 40 Nm3/hr, 6kPa
Waste up to 5.0 %
Machine noisiness up to 95 decibels

The OMRON control system provides the electric control of the equipment.

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